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Visionary Leadership
focused on results and creating value for all stakeholders.
Unwavering Commitment
to continuous improvement and sustainable value creation.
through teamwork, open communication, transparency, diversity and inclusion.
taking creative risks to build a more agile organization that drives holistic change.

Who we are

SANPEC is a purpose-led, innovation-driven, and Baldrige-aligned business specializing in the design, engineering testing, inspection, research and innovation, sustainability, quality assurance, and complete lifecycle asset management services for the electric power, lighting, telecommunication, renewable energy, and infrastructure industries, with a strong focus on the United States market.


  • Unrivaled Engineering and Technology Excellence
  • Resiliency Planning in Transmission Line Design
  • Reliable and Resilient Power Grid
  • Testing, Inspection and Quality Assurance
  • Total Quality and Innovation Management
  • Operational and Organizational Resilience
  • Full Lifecycle Asset Management
  • Resilience in Value-Chain Systems
  • Baldrige-aligned Business Model
  • Leadership Excellence and Data-Driven Strategies
  • Business Continuity and Risk Management
  • Sustainability and ESG Consulting
  • Workforce Development and R&D
  • Digital Transformation and Industry4
  • Environmental Stewardship and Sustainable Development
  • Triple Bottom Line and Circular Economy
  • SANPEC Products

  • Transmission Lattice Towers for 345kV, 400kV, 500kV, 765kV, 800kV Transmission Line, Self-SupportedLattice Structures, Guyed Lattice Structures
  • Road Crossing Lattice Towers, River Crossing Lattice Towers
  • Custom Engineered Lattice Structures
  • Transmission Pole Structures for up to 500kV Transmission Line
  • Single Pole Structure, 2 Poles Structure, 3 Poles Structure, Guyed Pole Structure, H-Frame Structure Riser &Switch Structure, Custom Engineered Steel Poles
  • Distribution Pole Structures, H Series Pole, C Series Pole, Poles for lower voltage lines such as 32.5kV, 69kV
  • Substation Structures
  • A-Frames Structure
  • H-Frame Structure
  • DE Structure
  • Lightening Mast
  • Bus Support Structure
  • Equipment Support Structure
  • Custom Engineered Structures and Foundations
  • Hybrid Structures (Steel, Concrete, Composite)
  • Caisson Design (Embedded Pole)
  • Product Expertise
    Expertise in a range of items including steel poles, lattice towers, insulators & hardware, conductor, OPGW (Optical Ground Wire), guys wires, and shield wire, all of which are essential components in transmission line engineering and manufacturing.
    Transmission and Distribution
    Specialize in T&D (Transmission and Distribution) Line Engineering, Testing, and Manufacturing. Full-scale structural testing, both witnessing and validation, which ensures the safety and reliability of their products and designs.
    Sustainability Approach
    SANPEC has a sustainability approach in its transmission line engineering and manufacturing of steel structures, indicating a commitment to environmentally responsible practices.
    SANPEC has 160 years of combined worldwide experience in design, engineering, fabrication, and source inspection services, particularly for the power and lighting industries
    Professional Affiliations:
    Participates in professional committees such as ASCE-10, ASCE-48, MOP-74, DOT-AFL, Aesthetic Report, IEEE, and NSPE.
    Academic Affiliations
    Published technical papers in reputable journals like ASEC/SEI, IEEE, EDM, and TSDOS. Academic affiliation with Gonzaga University, specifically in the Master’s Degree Program in T&D (Transmission and Distribution) Engineering.

    Journey Of Excellence

    SANPEC was founded to improve the resilience and reliability of power grid systems and has been privately owned and operated since 2009. Our unique approach, "SANPEC" allows us to create, measure, transfer, and recreate knowledge effectively.

    In the '90s, SANPEC co-founders were the emerging leaders of the quality revolution in the electric power sector, driving it toward sustainability. We realized that the power industry was plagued by irresponsible use of resources, ineffective leadership and strategy, unsustainable business models and processes, inefficient operations, workforce, and risk planning. In response, we set out a new vision "SANPEC" to restructure and transform the electric power sector.

    At SANPEC, we aim to continuously improve structural resilience, reliability, and quality of life through engineering excellence, research and innovation, education and outreach, co-creation, and collaboration. In addition, we aim to bring a focused approach toward improving transmission and distribution systems and creating socio-economic values

    Our Vision

    Lead the energy transition and grid modernization initiatives with innovative and strategic solutions while anticipating and mitigating tomorrow’s disruptions.

    Develop skill sets and mindsets to build resilience and manage sustainability goals effectively

    Inspire our stakeholders to achieve excellence and promote responsible stewardship of our physical, financial, environmental, and human resources.

    Manage our physical and natural resources effectively and create a sense of pride among all our employees. We use impact-focused and purpose-driven engineering to contribute to economic and social progress and develop a responsible culture.

    Be recognized as the pioneering source of transmission engineering, inspection, and holistic quality management services.

    Work with stakeholders to continuously improve and create value through engineering, research, and deployment of cutting-edge technology, leadership, and management practices.

    Lead the energy transition and grid modernization initiatives with innovative and strategic solutions while anticipating and mitigating tomorrow’s disruptions.

    Be the global leader in developing strategic and innovative engineering solutions for energy transition and sustainability in the electric power sector.

    Our Mission

    Leverage our unshakable resolve to make the world a better place for future generations.

    Create innovative solutions for sustainability in the power and utilities sectors.

    Offer strategic insight into how new approaches and business models will enable today’s power and utility industry leaders to use emerging technologies and breakthrough innovation to succeed in this rapidly changing landscape.

    Use our business excellence framework to manage business operations effectively and generate value for all our stakeholders.

    Focus on the future by managing agility, innovation, and creativity.

    Value people, deliver results, and focus on achieving excellence at all levels.

    Achieve and sustain success by developing a mission-driven, happy, healthy, and engaged workforce.

    Explore the power of renewable energy sources (such as wind, solar, and hydrogen) and build a clean, green, and energy-secure America.

    Bring together the best talents, knowledge, and experience to design, build, and upgrade reliable, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, technically advanced, and resilient transmission and distribution systems.

    Achieve our strategic priorities through focused, dedicated action and real-time performance feedback.

    Build a diverse team of purpose-led and innovative power engineers and conscious industry leaders who contribute to the common good and advance engineering excellence practices.

    Bring growth and opportunity to our employees, shareholders, and partners worldwide to improve their qualities of life.

    Our values

    We earn trust through teamwork, open communication, transparency, integrity, and excellence.
    Visionary Leadership:
    We provide an unwavering commitment to quality, intellectual and creative excellence, integrity, loyalty, and sustainability. We are devoted to creating and sustaining value for all stakeholders.
    We seek new knowledge and take creative risks to build a more agile organization that drives transformative change internally and in response to our stakeholder’s needs. We reward courage, discovery, authenticity, exploration, and invention.
    Continuous Improvement:
    We respect the diversity of ideas, continuously improve in pursuit of truth, and are devoted to learning and improving ways to deliver quality products and services.
    We are committed to improving our process and results at all levels of the value chain.
    We maintain the highest level of integrity to satisfy and respond to customers and stakeholders effectively. We listen to each other’s, our partners, and our customers.
    Team Development:
    We develop teams and provide learning opportunities to expand upon ideas and develop strategic, creative solutions.
    We blur the cultural boundaries, co-evolve, and strive to make our community a better place to live, work, and play.
    We believe in co-creating an open, active, unified, and evolving socio-cultural system and being a part of our local communities to lead from the point of balance and alignment.
    We strive for intellectual and creative excellence, lead with the highest standards of integrity, use the full spectrum of human wisdom, and make conscious decisions to realize sustained value for our stakeholders, humanity, and the natural world.
    Drawing strength from our distinctive roots in STEM and education, we believe in learning by doing, learning from others, leading with integrity, and challenging our assumptions to seek new knowledge in service of our stakeholders and humanity.

    Why SANPEC ?

    SANPEC is a purpose-led, values-aligned, and innovation-driven company specializing in design, engineering, testing, supply chain, asset inspection, risk mitigation, sustainability, and quality management for critical electric power, lighting, and renewable energy infrastructures. SANPEC team has extensive worldwide experiences in executing transformation line projects with holistic approach.

    We are a diverse team of purpose-led engineers and multidisciplinary professionals with an uncompromising focus on resilience, reliability, sustainability, quality, and excellence.

    We have the skill sets and mindsets to lead the transition to a circular economy and execute complex infrastructure projects with unparalleled engineering excellence, extensive fabrication knowledge, cutting-edge research, conscious leadership, and integrated quality management practices.

    We have engineered, fabricated, inspected, and restored millions of assets to ensure structural integrity and improve the quality of life. Our innovative solutions help solve critical challenges by integrating deep domain expertise, market research, valuable insights, and advanced technology capabilities.

    We provide the right blend of cutting-edge research, breakthrough innovations, unconventional wisdom, and unparalleled technical expertise to ensure the project benefits socio-economic value n the dynamic and disruptive energy sector.

    We are uniquely positioned to lead the energy transition with innovative and strategic solutions while anticipating and mitigating tomorrow's disruptions.

    Managing grid resilience and sustainability

    Our innovative solutions help solve critical challenges by integrating deep domain expertise, market research, Insights, and advanced technology capabilities.

    Project Management

    From Planning to Execution, SANPEC's Skilled Team Ensures Efficiency, Risk Mitigation, and Global Experience.

    SANPEC develops detailed project schedules to meet construction demands, assists in vendor selections and evaluations, and helps negotiate the best pricing and delivery schedules from vendors. They assist with risk mitigation planning while keeping track of all milestones and critical delivery items. From initial project strategy to lean product development to completion and post-project monitoring, we are the only business where the team is well-trained to lead from the point of dynamic balance and alignment.

    Logistics and Construction Support

    SANPEC Manages Material Inspection, Documentation, and Technical Assistance for Seamless Construction Projects.

    In Logistics and Construction Support, SANPEC employees follow up logistics planning from vendors, perform inspection of material upon arrival at port and yards, help to track bundling/packaging lists and BOL for tower components for each structure and payment process, and support customers during construction projects, keeping their fingers on the pulse of missing pieces or mis-fab pieces as well as any technical issues.

    Manufacturing and Operational Efficiency

    Enhancing Efficiency in Pole and Tower Manufacturing: SANPEC's End-to-End Services Streamline Processes, Accelerate Feedback, and Enhance Product Development.

    Today’s pole and tower manufacturers focus on managing timelines to improve efficiency and factory capacity utilization. The information is delivered asynchronously in large batches. As a result, the factory floor is unaware of design-in-process and the dynamic changes in engineering and materials. Team SANPEC ensures a smooth execution at all levels. They offer full-spectrum service, covering the entire value chain from engineering to development and delivery, including structure testing and quality inspection. They minimize the invisible and unmeasured queues that impact structure development performance. As a result, they help their value chain partners accelerate feedback and improve product development and response time.

    Testing and Inspection

    SANPEC Ensures Quality and Safety Across a Range of Structural Components and Materials.

    SANPEC also completes testing and inspection of steel pole, lattice towers, substation support structures, insulators, conductors, OPGW, guy wires, shield wires and hardware assembly. They perform Weld Inspections (NDT Technique), Visual Inspection (VI), Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI), Phase Array (PAUT), Fabrication Shop Audits and on-site Inspections, Material Sampling (Metallurgical and Mechanical Testing), Root Cause Analysis, Prototype and Proof of Fit Testing, and Field Inspection for aging transmission structures.